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Teacher's Notes



The objective of this Web Quest is to enlighten the student about various illegal drugs and how they can interact in the body. This exercise will enhance the student's base of knowledge and hopefully equip them to make the wise and right decisions about drugs. The content of this Web Quest can be applied to help develop skills in language arts, science, health, physical education, and math.


The students will need a basic knowledge of working with the Excel software program. (or some other suitable software) This Quest is designed to take five to ten days to complete.


Groups will conduct a survey among people they know (fellow students, adults, and relatives) concerning drug use in their community. 1) Each group will create relevant and unique questions for the survey.Groups will review each others survey questions. 2) After compiling and analyzing the data, using Excel, groups will create spreadsheets, graphs and charts, and/or posters to highlight and present their findings. 3) Group number 10 or, its equivalent, will then consolidate all data and create a Powerpoint presentation.4) The entire class will then brainstorm reasons NOT to use drugs.


Have class create a Web Page outlining information about the researched drugs and provide powerful reasons NOT to use drugs.