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Welcome to Coach Parker's Health and Physical            Education Web Resource Page 

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This Web Resource Page is a compilation of Web Pages that may be helpful to you in integrating technology into your Health and Physical Education curriculum. This list is, by no means all encompassing. This Page was designed to be a tool for your use. As is the case with most technology, if some links do not work, please notify me. Thank you, and GOD BLESS YOU!

 KIDSHEALTH - A great health resource for parents, teens, and kids.Site contains excellent information about a variety of health related topics. (The Nemours Foundation)
 DISCOVERYHEALTH - An excellent site about male, female, young, and old health issues. Site also contains nutrition and fitness information. The information is relevant.( Discovery Communications, Inc.)
 HEALTH/FITNESSTIPS - This site informs you of new developments in the health and fitness fields. These experts have done the research and the information is taunted as current and relevant. (Accurate Online Solutions) 
 FITNESS - Site contains information about fitness, nutrition, and working out. This site can be seen in four different languages and taunts itself as the global fitness community. (GMBH, Zum Lokschuppen)
  TEENCENTRAL - This is a help-line web site for teens by teens. Got a story to tell, a wrong to right, a problem to sort out - this is the right site. Site is excellent resource for teens. (
 CHILD - This is an online guide to youth and children resources. Site also contains special topics for kids, teens, and parents and teens, teachers, college students and others. (Streetcats Foundation and National Childrens Coalition)
 DOLE5ADAY - This site provides information about fruit, vegetables and nutrition. Site also contains fun activities while helping kids learn nutritional facts. (Dole)
 KIDS - This site contains information for students (homework help), young children (games, coloring) teachers (web resources, lesson plans), and parents (family pages, free things). This site is a homework and research assistant. (Linda Guterba)
 TEACHERS - An excellent site for educators and future teachers. Site contains the following topics: Teacher web resources, Teacher/Student tutorials, Web integrated lesson plans, and much  more. (Linda Guterba)
 MAMAMEDIA - An excellent site for kids to display and explore their creativity. Kids can use their imagination to make their ideas come to life. (Mamamedia, Inc.)
 FUNBRAIN - This site contains lots of useful and helpful items. Games and quizzes are just a few of the interesting things found at this site. Something for K-8 teachers and students. (Family Education Network)
 BALLPARKS - Did you ever wonder what the Skydome in Toronto looks like? Or how many people can fill the L.A. Coliseum? Find out here. Click on the field of your choice--baseball, basketball, football, or hockey. Then choose the actual parks. Tons of fun! (Munsey and Suppes)
  KIDSPEACE - Kidspeace gives kids peace through mental health treatment programs, crisis intervention and public education.This site is a continuum for kids in crisis. (
 BASKETBALL - Site all about the National Basketball League. Here you will see great photos of NBA stars in action. The NBA behind the scenes photo gallery has pictures you don't want to miss. (National Basketball Association)
 WNBA - Basketball isn't just for guys anymore. This sites gives you all the information about your favorite WNBA stars and teams. You can even order basketball equipment and sports wear. (Women National Basketball Association)